How to Choose the Best Cat Food


Both cats and dogs have made a friend out of humans by fostering a loyal relationship. This is because of their loyalty to their master and the fact that they stick around in all times. Therefore, in return these animal friends of humans need to be treated with utmost care and importance, so that you do not hurt them and they, not hurt you. Cat nutrition and nourishment is a very sensitive topic that should be approached with lots of seriousness. There are a number of feeds that you can give to your cat but only a few of them are appropriate for your cats general health. Thus, to achieve the ideal nutrition for your cat, you must educate yourself on the right feeds that you can give your cat. This can be an uphill task if you’re not familiar with cat food. Read the tips below so that you can find yourself the best cat food the market has to offer.

Dry feeds can pose harm to your cat, it is therefore wise to avoid or minimize your frequency when feeding your cat. It has been the common belief that dry foods clean your cats mouth. This is a misconception that most people have been made to believe, overtime. In reality, cats do not chew the majority of their tender feed for a lengthy time so that the effect of cleaning the teeth while chewing makes much difference. In spite of the larger dental diets of cats, intended to promote chewing, cats still swallow larger feeds as a whole.  Without forgetting some of the dry feeds leave residues in the mouth of cats thus leading to the development of plaque. Click here if you want to buy car food.

Foods based on fish are also not recommended for your cats food. Surprisingly, Fish based feeds are loved by most cats. Because of this, it is good that you nourish your cat with minimal fish based foods. A larger amount of fish used to make cat feed contain considerable amounts of toxins and metals . They also contain substances from the fish that lead to an increase in the phosphorus levels in the food. This thus presents a major problem for the majority of cats with kidney disease. To add on this, fish based food might have a synthesized from of vitamin K which has been discouraged from use by the FDA in human supplements. For more information about cat food, you may visit the link.

To get a healthy cat, you need to feed yours with protein rich foods. This facilitates proper development in your cat. You have to look at the label and ensure that protein is the first ingredient, and that it is obtained from meat that is of good shape, preferable one that can be eaten by humans. To know more about cat food, visit


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